Stress, Essential oils for the eyes & the walking dead......

If you had asked me last weekend if I was stressed, I would have said yes, but in a super fun way....... although everything I've been working towards/wanting for the last few years has decided to present itself all in one month, it's everything that I love, nothing that I'm willing to let go of & I'm just riding the journey wave..... so life is busy, but awesome!!! If you ask me now if I'm stressed, I would say all of the above, but Yep, I'm stressed & it's manifesting itself in hideous weird ways!!

Read on below to see all the grossness & how I've used my essential oils to get me through it....

This 1st pic was me Monday night, after a long day, where motherhood tested me, business tested me, I tested myself by caving into my cravings of chips & cheescake & then my husband topped it off nicely by saying holy shit...... are you ok? You look like a character out of the walking dead......
On Monday night, my left eye that had been feeling itchy (& I'd been ignoring for weeks) started to swell, burn & freak me out...... I had a moment of totally loosing my shit, thinking I was going to lose my eye, over-reacting left, right & centre, and then I just calmed myself & turned to my oils.... seriously thank god for essential oils!

When using oils for eyes or ears, this may sound obvious, but you should never apply essential oils directly into your eyes or ears.... so this is how I did it..... so awesome & super relaxing!

First, I made myself a mix in a little pot of 2 drops Frankincense, 2 drops Cypress & 4 drops Fractionated coconut oil and mixed together.......

I then used reflexology to help reduce the swelling, itching & burning sensation I had in my eye.

While I'm no expert on the topic, using reflexology along with my oils was really effective. I used the oils mix above applying pressure to the bottom of my 3rd toe & holy, the pressure came off my eye instantly! I continued to do this every couple of hours the next day. Foot reflexology is an effective method of bringing the body systems into balance by applying pressure to specific places on the feet.
Then secondly, I gave myself a internal nerve bath..... sound weird?? It's totally not, in a capsule put 4 drops each of frankincense, thyme & clove essential oils. And I have been doing this daily & will continue for 7 days.

Please note: this is the maximum drops of essential oils I would recommend you consume in any 24 hour period. I do however still continue with my life long vitality supplements.

Read on for the benefits of each of the essential oils....
Frankincense - the absolute god of essential oils, provides nerve protection, supports regeneration & is an anti-inflammatory

Cypress is also a great choice to use as it also has anti-inflammatory properties

Thyme - is great for fatigue, emotional balance & has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Clove - also supports regeneration & is beneficial for the nervous system & combats infections.

So, I'm now on day 4 & the nagging itch that I've had in my eye for weeks has gone, the swelling is gone, it's still a little red, but I'm sure that will be sorted soon - so wahoo!!! Another win for the oils & money, time & stress saved by not going to the doctor & just using what I love & have at home.

Please note: I do not intend to treat or diagnose, just share my experiences with essential oils and natural health based products. You should always trust your gut, and seek medical advise if you believe you need it........Also, just as a side note, I drenched myself in oils to calm my anxiety about sharing these pics of myself!!


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