DoTERRA's digestive blend - Digestzen, the tummy tamer 💛

DoTERRA's tummy tamer blend, Digestzen is so fabulous for anything digestive related, whether it be indigestion, reflux, morning sickness, a hangover or travel/motion sickness this oil will have you covered! But just to throw a curve ball amongst the mix, it is also AMAZING for sinus issues 👃

Read on to see how you can easily use this blend at home for you & your family.

Really.... this is the only Digestzen recipe you need.....

The first thing I would recommend to every family is to make yourself a very simple roller blend of digestzen so you always have it on hand - it truely comes in handy ALL the time! I personally find this a strong blend, so always use Eddie's child's blend on everyone. But if you want something more powerful, mix yourself an adults strength blend:
💛 Recipe:
Adults: 30 drops Digestzen in a 10ml roller topped off with fractioned coconut oil
Kids: 15 drops 💦

Too freakin easy right! Yep this oil stuff isn't actually that hard or complicated - but it's bloody brilliant & super fun!! 😃💥

So how & what do you use Digestzen for?......

For each of the ailments below, the way to use digestzen is the same (except for sinus troubles):
💛 Children: apply the roller blend to their tummy, rolling around the tummy button & then giving it a gentle massage in using a clockwise motion.
💛 Adults: Same as above with the children, but for ages 12+ you can also take this internally either in a veggie capsule or else in a warm glass of water (I would recommend 1 drop only per glass of water, but trust your own body's needs also).

So digestzen is super fabulous for:
💛 Constipation, bloating, gas, nausea, hangovers, travel/motion sickness (you can also inhale straight from the bottle), reflux, indigestion, diarrhoea, food poisoning - you name something tummy/digestion related & this oil blend will do the trick!

💛 Morning sickness - oh the woes.......! If you're struggling with this, I would recommend applying the child's strength blend over your pulse points & tummy & I've actually had some clients that have had great results from applying behind their ears. Also a drop of digestzen in a teapot of warm water consumed throughout the day will help keep the queasiness at bay!!

💛 Sinus - this is something I've struggled a lot with & digestzen (again for me it's just the child's strength roller) rolled across the bridge of my nose & my cheek bones helps relieve the pressure of the sinus pain!

💛 For our beautiful newborn babies that suffer from reflux, I would recommend a heavily diluted roller blend of 3 drops digestzen in a 10ml roller topped off with fractionated coconut oil rolled on their sweet little tummies to relieve their reflux

How to purchase 💛

If you would like this amazing oil in your life & you don't have a wholesale account with doTERRA, I truely believe the most cost effective way to purchase this oil is in a starter kit, if you would like to know more, give me a call anytime.

However, if you'd just like to go ahead & purchase:
💛 If you have your own wholesale account, go ahead & add it to your next order.... it is $41AUD wholesale
If you don't have a wholesale account & you're just after the one bottle you can send me a message & purchase it off me Retail for $55AUD or else order it online at www.mydoterra.com/spadetospoon
💥But, In my opinion, as mentioned above the best way to purchase is with a starter kit, which has Digestzen, plus 9 other AMAZING essential oils & comes with a free wholesale account (access to oils 25% + cheaper than retail) and then you also get all the education, support & fun gifts from me too!! Yay! So awesome!!

Send me a message or give me a call if you'd like more info or to order 💛✌🏻


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