Melaleuca (Tea Tree) essential oil spotlight 🌿

DoTERRA's tea tree essential oil is so pure & fabulous - With 12 times the power of a phenol, Australian Aborigines have used Tea Tree for centuries, crushing the leaves straight from the tree & inhaling the aroma for colds & illnesses. I however, have a massive love/hate relationship with tea tree essential oil - it is seriously AMAZING & I use it daily..... but even after 18 months of using this daily on my face, I still just can't love the smell! But DoTERRA's tea tree essential oil, has so many wonderful healing benefits & I will show you in today's post how we love to use it in our home & why even with a stinky smell we use this ALL the time!! 💛

How we love to use Tea Tree essential oil.......

🌿 My absolute favourite use for tea tree is skin, it is so fabulous for promoting clear skin & waving goodbye to the acne (see my daily moisturiser blend below). I have been using a blend of Lavender (amazing for all things skin related), Frankincense (to tackle my fine lines... aka wrinkles... eeekk) & tea tree (to promote clear skin) mixed with the ever so fabulous fractionated coconut oil & it's the first skin care regime I have ever consistently followed!!
🌿 This would also be fabulous for taming the itch & helping with eczema, however I would also add a couple of drops of geranium essential oil if you have it. To also help with eczema, you can make a salve with the same oils (if you'd like the recipe let me know or check out our Skin Salve in the shop).
🌿 Sore / blocked ears 👂- anytime Eddie is showing signs of having a sore ear or even when he is becoming congested, the first thing I do is reach for the Tea Tree roller & roll this around his ears & down the neckline. For me personally, I do this anytime my ears are blocked & I also add a drop onto cotton wool & tape it across my ear 👂& it works wonders! **please never put essential oils directly in the ear!!
🌿 Immunity - because of the anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties of Tea Tree essential oil, this makes it a fabulous choice for immunity & general wellness. If we fell like we're coming down with something we always reach for our flu bomb (see recipe below), but if you only have Tea Tree essential oil, try adding a couple of drops to a teaspoon of raw honey to boost your immunity & fight off the nasties!
🌿 Lice control - we've been lucky enough not to have to deal with this at home, but unfortunately plenty of my friends & customers have. See below for the Lice Treatment recipe & also ongoing Lice control spray. If you'd like the treatment protocol, please get in touch, I would love to help with this.
🌿 Cleaning - seriously, this is stinky amazingness! Actually thinking about it, it stinks a heck of a lot less than toxic commerical cleaning products - so hey... yay! another win for the oils. We add tea tree to our natural cleaning products (especially for the toilet) & also a couple of drops in your washing machine if you're dealing with particularlydirty clothes is awesome!

How to Purchase

Now you know just some of the fabulous ways you can use Tea Tree (Melaleuca essential oil), if you would like to purchase see below for your options:

🌿 If you have your own wholesale account, go ahead & add it to your next order.... it is $24.50AUD wholesale
🌿If you don't have a wholesale account & you're just after the one bottle you can send me a message & purchase it off me Retail for $33AUD or else order it online at www.mydoterra.com/spadetospoon
💥But, In my opinion, the best way to purchase is with a starter kit, which has Tea Tree, plus 9 other AMAZING essential oils & comes with a free wholesale account (access to oils 25% + cheaper than retail) and then you also get all the education, support & fun gifts from me too!! Yay! So awesome!!

Send me a message or give me a call if you'd like more info or to order 💛✌🏻


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