Third Eye Chakra Healing




These boxes were created with so much love & guidance for our monthly subscription box. As a bonus of happiness we were able to source more goodness for you.

In this box of goodness you can expect to receive:
- A lepidolite eye - shaped like a triangle with the eye beautifully carved into her, a wonderful stone to calm the mind. This beauty radiates calm within the calm, brings focus, allows you to SEE what truly exists and not what we've worked up or over worried about in our minds. She allows you to see with clarity, releasing blockages and negativity.
- A custom made Third Eye Chakra essential oil filled with so much cleansing, clarity, serenity and manifesting goodness
- An Amethyst Bracelet
- Amethyst Tumble (the serenity stone)

As an extra bonus you will have access to a vast online portal where you will find your third eye chakra info, rituals, journaling prompts, meditation and more happiness. If you love this we recommend you join up to our monthly subscription box that will continue this happiness for the following months.

- GIFT READY: Your gift box comes gift wrapped with love for you, with an affirmation card, info on the crystals and oil.
- FREE POSTAGE: Because we value you, we offer free postage on all orders over $75

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