Soul Gift Card - Presence




This stunning card was photographed by my beautifully talented mum at Whangamata Beach. This beauty represents being present in the awe and joy of the moment, seeing nature in all its glory, each magical strand of the toi toi glistening in the rising sun. Greeting each day in presence, in joy, in magic, in wonder.

I had a dream…… and my beautiful soul sister Sarah Vassella is bringing the dream to life.

The dream was clear, to create soul gift cards to gift at the end of a healing with guidance….. There were 14 cards that came thru with clarity, but as we’re flowing more are coming and I believe we will finish with 44 cards.

When they arrived they were so magical we have decided to share them with everyone. So they are now here for you with so much love. They are stunning, all are NZ nature based, but with whimsical, angelic like energy.

- CREATED WITH LOVE and guidance here in NZ
- GIFT READY: Your gift card comes with an envelope, an affirmation card and extra happiness.

- FREE POSTAGE: Because we value you, we offer free postage on all orders over $75

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