Teen Self-Care Series - Friday, 10th June, 6.30pm




We are so incredibly excited to bring you this 2 part series bringing epic self-care tools to our teens. We are sharing all the tools we wish we had learnt in the early years to bring more peace and less overwhelm into the lives of our children. 

Join us over 2 sessions to learn the tools we have around us and within us to manage overwhelm, changing hormones and just life really as we step into joy together.

Session one: Friday, 10th June, 6.30pm - 8pm
During this session we will share and teach tools including:
- Breathwork - the power of the breath
- Meditation - the power of grounding, clarity, the present moment
- Affirmations - creating the life you desire
- Journaling - including a journal to take home
- Crystals - including an epic crystals pack to take home

Session two: Saturday, 11th June, 2pm-3pm
During this session we will share:
- Essential oils and the ways we can use essential oils to support our emotions 
- Create your own tailored custom essential oil blend for self-care

For Ages 12-19 years

WHEN: Session One, Friday 10th June 6.30pm - Session Two, Saturday 11th June, 2pm
WHERE: Yoga & Oils, 3 Walton Street
WHAT TO BRING: Just yourself & wear comfy clothing
INVESTMENT: $88 includes the workshop, a crystal set, journal and custom essential oil blend, plus always more magic

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