Get a doTERRA account the easy way

Already know what you want - Awesome!!! Or have you been wanting to open a wholesale account but are confused with all the options?
Lets simplify it - CLICK HERE and follow the instructions below
  • Choose your language & the country you want it shipped to (e.g. English, NZ), press continue
  • Choose where you would like your goods shipped from
  • Choose Wholesale Prices
  • Fill in your details & create a password
  • On the next screen, choose the specialised kit you want OR (not and) the $35 introduction paperwork & then type in the oils you would like to add.

Also, I'm am here to help you at anytime, so if you have any questions or feel like a chat to make sure you've got the best option for you, please call on +64 21 02783282 or message me anytime.


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