Opalite Mushroom



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Opalite is a powerful stone that is just singing and shining with love.

It increases your passion, helps reduce inhibitions and increases ones self worth. Its energy helps you to find a new freedom and independence.

It reminds us of childlike innocence and purity. A clean & precise energy that scans the light body to find impurity, and when it does it transmutes it with golden light. Clearing to bring acceleration to your ascension path, activate it by holding it up to the sun & taking in its glow. It will bring warmth to your heart.

Both Archangel Gabriel & Hope champion this glass/stone for purity of mind, body, and spirit. One for light workers & earth grid workers, working well with other angelic stones like, Danburite, Petalite, Morganite, Angel Aura & selenite at the higher chakras.

It will support golden ascension keys move through you, helping them unlock within your heart & anchor through you into the earth. Supporting the golden age templates to rise through your cellular memory. It connects you with the angelic planes, unicorns through the Lakumay gate, the pure ones... As well as many 7D Avian bird beings who connect in with the sound frequencies it emits. due to all the colours it emanates it offers many bandwidths of frequencies/songs (the birds love it).

It’s time for change, to let go of old beliefs, time to look at things with new eyes. Work with opalite to bring clarity to your path & to your sight. Placing it on your third eye or heart will enhance crystal clear clarity.

- Cleansed ready for your energy 
- Each Crystal varies in size, these beauties rare approx 5cms
- GIFT READY: Your crystal comes gift wrapped with love for you, with an affirmation card.

**Information provided not meant to diagnose.

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