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Heart Choices

Oh my happiness - we are feeling so incredibly excited to bring to you our chakra range. These recipes were channelled from spirit approximately two years ago, and progressively we have had the bottles, the labels, the lids - everything ready to go - but we were always guided to wait.

And now is the time.

These blends want to now be shared with you, as dear friend, they are not just healing you - they are teaching you how to connect to other aspects of the soul and the earth to expand in energy and heal together. The messages are clear - beautiful - potent. You are the wayshower, and I can't wait for this divine light and healing to move with you. These blends are often working with more than one chakra at a time - moving through your 12 main energy centres - with your 7 main chakras at the forefront of the healing.

Each blend comes with a channelled image and message for you.

This blend will take you on a journey to activate, cleanse and balance your heart chakra.
Creating this blend with all the beautiful oils made me feel like a true alchemist, and it is in essence pure divine light, love, healing through timelines with forgiveness, allowing grief and sadness to be received, accepted, loved and then released, as you step into heart expansion, joy and play with your inner child. This blend is not only activating the heart chakra, but healing and activating all your lower chakras as it flows through the body, then into the heart of mother earth and inviting you to move forward from this present moment in the energy of infinite love.

We invite you to take a moment to breathe and be, to come into your heart space with your breath, your beautiful soul is really being highlighted here - feel the breath moving, expanding and healing through your heart, through your lungs, through every cell and atom of your physical body, and then ask yourself to soften, to soften the breath, the body, the mind and to enter the heart of your soul.

Within the heart of your soul you reach the temple of renewal, where you are surrounded in the healing green light, and you arrive at the back of the temple, you look to your left and you notice and feel the blue hues of love and protection coming from Mother Mary and Archangel Michael, you feel it is safe to enter the temple. As you do the most loving divine light enfolds you, you feel warm, safe, and deeply held in the energy of divine love, you feel called to breathe in all of this loving light renewing energy, and as you do, without any attachment, you see, almost like a movie playing out in front of you, old hurts, stories, grief, these come in peace, acceptance and forgiveness for the self and for all involved, this energy moves through all timelines and incarnations, deeply healing, cleansing, it is moving fast, and as you slowly breathe all the way out, you feel this energy unlock, cleanse, renew and move on, no longer locked in your heart space but free. Spend as many moments and breaths as you need here, held in this divine energy of love and deep healing.

When the time is right you continue to walk through the temple as you do, all aspects of the soul are being renewed, you move out through the front door, and as you do you feel that light energy expanding and radiating through all your heart space, and moving through the solar, naval, sacral, root and earth star chakras into the heart of mother earth - you are one will all that is - in the divine vibration of love.

The blend is infused with heart chakra crystals to further activate and enhance the healing happiness.

- HANDMADE IN NZ: Created with love & intention in Te Awamutu, New Zealand
- INGREDIENTS: We source the best certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils from around the world & blend them to age range. Rose, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Laurel, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon, Melaleuca, Lavender, Clary Sage, Sandalwood, Melissa, Ho Wood, Myrrh, Bergamot, Juniper Berry and Arborvitae essential oils in a base of palm free fractionated coconut oil.
- READY TO USE: Your HEART chakra blend comes in a roller bottle ready for you to roll in the palms of your hands, draw the hands together, warm the oil through, cup the palms over the nose, draw 3 deep breaths in and out, connecting the the oil and the now moment and then rub the residue over your heart with so much love.
- GIFT READY: Your HEART chakra blend comes gift wrapped with love for you, with an affirmation card.

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