Cleansing your Crystals


They do so much for us.
They absorb negativity, raise vibrations, cleanse your energy, invoke self-love, aid in sleep, help with physical and emotional self-healing, and so much more!

What would we do without our beautiful earth treasures?

Because they do so much for us, we need to care for them in return.
We do this by cleansing!
Moon Bathing, Earth Cleansing, Smoke Clearing, Water Baths, Sound Cleansing.
There are so many different ways to do it.

We've listed some of our favourite ways to cleanse our wee treasures, along with some easy to follow instructions below.

Moon Bathing

Leaving your crystals out to bathe in the moonlight is a beautiful method of cleansing.

The pure white light of the moon cleanses your crystals of anything they may have picked up over time, recharging them with the gentle energy of the moon herself.

While finding a safe place outdoors, set your intentions then allow your crystals to soak up that loving moon goddess energy.

  • Sun Bathing

The same can also be done with the energy of the sun.
Place your crystals in direct sunlight for cleansing and re-energising, but fair warning: some crystals may fade or lose their colour.

Earth Cleansing

Earth Cleansing is like coming home and being swept up in a big hug, but for your crystals!

Just like it does for us, the earth has the power to ground, cleanse and purify our crystals.
Lightly bury them in her warm embrace, placing more delicate stones in a little satchel or bag, and let Mother Earth's magic do all the work.

Smoke Clearing

The Smoke Clearing method is derived from Native American smudging. 
Often used to cleanse and purify a space, you can also cleanse your crystals in much the same way. 

Burn your favourite incense stick/cone, sage bundle, herbs or palo santo, and pass your crystals through the rising smoke.

Alternatively you can wind your way through your maze of crystals, or the entire room for that matter, holding your favourite thing to burn as you pass by.

Water Baths

Water naturally cleanses any and all energies that do not serve your higher purpose, therefore it also cleanses our crystals too.

Simply pass your crystals under running water, or place them in a filled bowl and let the water wash away anything they may have picked up. 

Note: Not all crystals are suited to being cleansed with water. A general rule of thumb is if the crystal ends in 'ite' or it is a porous stone, ensure to keep them well away. Check out the Mohs Scale for further information on crystals to avoid cleansing with water. 

Sound Cleansing

Crystals have a high vibration frequency, therefore can be cleansed using sound. 

To give cleanse your crystals using sound, simply use a singing bowl, tuning forks, a string of bells, or a gong. The sound waves from your chosen instrument pass through the crystals, clearing the stone of all things that do not resonate at the same level, and realigning it to it's original vibrational frequency.

Salt and other Crystals

  • Place your crystals in a bowl of salt. The salt works in a similar way to Earth Cleansing, absorbing the negative energies from the crystal and purifying it. Make sure to take care with easily abrasive crystals, and to throw away the used salt afterwards.

  • Cleansing with other crystals is also an option.
    Our favourite crystal to cleanse other crystals is Selenite. The name Selenite comes from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. Looking at it, you can see why it was named after the moon goddess, as the stone looks as if it holds a piece of the moon within itself. Placing crystals on a Selenite plate or placing a piece of Selenite amongst your stones, clears and purifies them. Also, Selenite is one of the only crystals with self-cleansing properties.

There are even more ways to cleanse your beautiful earth treasures, but we hope this list of our favourites help! 

We also love to include a little gratitude prayer to our crystals as we cleanse. After all, for us they are our most dearest friends.

  • With love and gratitude, we thank you for the healing you have shared and the space you have held, we are now ready to wash away and cleanse the old, and welcome in the fresh new healing energy. May you be restored and renewed.

If you have any questions you can always contact us at yogaandoilsnz@gmail.com, through our socials, or pop into the studio at 3 Walton Street, Te Awamutu.

With Happiness and a little bit of Magic,

The Yoga & Oils Team


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