Why do we use Crystals?

Everything is energy. Even ourselves. Everything in this world creates a vibration, whether good or bad. Our passion lies in both raising our own vibration, and, enabling others to raise theirs. We want to allow that good feeling high vibrational energy to be with us as much...
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5 Simple Reasons to Love your Diffuser Bracelet

Diffuser bracelets & jewellery are becoming increasingly popular for adults & children for the following reasons: 1. They are a portable & beautiful way to carry the scent of essential oils with you during the day.  When you apply pure essential oils topically (diluted)...
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New Moon Yin Yoga Flow

October 8, 2018

What is the meaning of a new moon?

As we come into our new moon cycle, we are invited to slow down & set a clear intention for a new beginning. This is a beautiful time to listen to your intuition & allow new ideas to form. Tomorrow evening is the New Moon in Libra, a fabulous time to set goals for how you wa...
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