5 Benefits of Diffuser Bracelets & How to Choose the Right Bracelet for YOU

5 Benefits of Diffuser Jewellery NZ

5 Simple Reasons to Love your Diffuser Bracelet

Diffuser bracelets & jewellery are becoming increasingly popular for adults & children for the following reasons:

1. They are a portable & beautiful way to carry the scent of essential oils with you during the day. 

When you apply pure essential oils topically (diluted) to your skin you may have noticed the scent doesn't last as long as an over the counter perfume, this is because the oils are making their way through your system spreading the healing therapuetic & emotional benefits of your oil through the body.

By applying the essential oils to both your skin & the lava beads in your diffuser jewellery you are getting both the therapuetic & aromatic benefits of your diffuser jewellery & the scent of the essential oil lasts longer.

2. You receive the aromatic benefits of your chosen essential oils in a discrete way.

You may choose to use essential oils to boost your mood, calm your anxiety, reduce your stress, help with nausea or headaches, or just to smell amazing. By adding a drop of your chosen oil to your lava beads on your diffuser bracelet, as your move from task to task during your day the scent of the essential oil follows you enhancing the healing benefits you set out to achieve.

3. When your diffuser bracelet is grounded with lava beads & finished with crystal beads you can further enhance the healing benefits of the bracelet.

Crystals are beautiful gifts from the earth & each crystal has unique properties & energies to heal different aspects of your life (see below on how to choose the right crystal for you). We bring together crystals & lava beads to enhance your healing & make your bracelet beautiful.

Lava beads are volcanic rock, they absorb the essential oils & slowly release the scent. But also as they are a gift from the centre of the earth, the are incredibly grounding & carry protection properties.

4. They are a tactile reminder to breathe - to anchor you in the present moment

This may not resonate with everyone, but when I am starting to feel overwhelmed throughout the day, I find myself inhaling the scent of my oils from my diffuser bracelet. The beauty about this is by coming back to my breath & the scent of the essential oils, I'm activating the parasypathetic nervous system & calming my mind & body.........and its so subtle, no-one even knows your doing it.

4. Diffuser bracelets are cost effective & everyone can wear them

Diffuser bracelets are for everyone, children can wear them to school to help with anxiety, they can be worn during your day at work, or as you go out in the evening, during yoga, meditation or exercise. 

These little beauties range from $18 - $24 & are such a cost effective way to use your essential oils. I love to wear my diffuser bracelet with the lava beads on the inside of my wrist, I then take my chosen essential oil roller, roll the oils on my wrists & then rub my wrists together with the diffuser bracelet also rolling, soaking up all the oil goodness.



Start by choosing a crystal that holds the power you want to manifest.... then allow your intuition to guide you....

AMETHYST - Power of serentiy, Calming, Clarity, Inner Strength, Third Eye & Crown Chakra

ADVENTURINE - Protects the Heart, Joy, Happiness, Spontaniety & Good Vibes, Heart Chakra

ROSE QUARTZ - Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Compassion, Calming, Heart Chakra

INDIAN AGATE - Protection, Strength, Calming, Heart Chakra

AMAZONITE - Stone of Courage & Truth, Calming, Soothing, Throat & Heart Chakra

LABRADORITE - Transformation, Willpower, Protection, Calming, Throat & Third Eye Chakra

CARNELIAN - Creativity, Emotional Balance, Motivation, Sacral Chakra

BLACK JASPER - Protection, Strength, Root Chakra

WHITE HOWLITE - Calming, Wisdom, Expression, Throat & Third Eye Chakra

Diffuser Jewellery NZ

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