As parents we know first hand how vital it is for our children to sleep well.

Not only is it incredibly important in helping them grow and develop, but as adults we need our kids to go to sleep – and sleep well – to enable us to re-charge our own grown-up batteries. There is certainly not a one-fits-all approach when it comes to the amount of slee...
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Ah this oil! I have so much love for it - Lavender reminds me of my Grandma & emotionally this oil gets me everytime! Much like a large majority of the other Top 10 oils, DoTERRA's Lavender essential oil has endless uses for general health & wellness, hence why glob...
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For us as a family... stumbling across this oil has been pretty life changing! BIG statement! I know! But here's why........Both my husband & I are asthmatics, plus Dan, bless him (and he'll love me sharing this once again...😉) is a snorer 😴apparently so am I, but ...
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