November Moon Energies

How on earth have we made it to November?! Is anyone else feeling mind blown for how fast this year has flowed? For some life hasn’t felt like a walk in the park these last couple of weeks, personal growth is always messy, but remember as we flow through this coming month, that this messiness is bringing a beautiful transformation that is never seamless and there is always magic through the other side. Hold on and trust in the waves. Energy should feel lighter after our Beautiful full Moon.

Full Moon in Taurus - November 8

Full Moon in Taurus rolls in on the 8th, Determined, Patient, Protective, and this Month we are lucky enough to witness a Total Lunar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipses signify times of change and transformation and this one is certainly shining a spotlight on our insecurities and finances. Remember we are shown aspects of our life so we can make changes for the better, sit with any strong feelings or urges before you take action. Free writing is a beautiful way to release feelings and reflect, bring a Love Oil and an Amazonite along with you.

New Moon in Sagittarius, November 24

Good Luck vibes come our way with Novembers New Moon in Sagittarius. Adventurous, Insightful, Spontaneous. Jupiter comes out of retrograde and we have got to the end of our Eclipse season so if you have been feeling like life really wasn’t going your way and the seas have been stormy, this should hopefully come to an end. Enjoy the Happiness this New Moon brings with it. Take some time to feel the sunshine in your skin and get dreaming about where life is going. 

Our favourite crystals to have near by during this phase is Ruby in Ziosite and Yellow Jade.

Rituals we love for each moon phase:

Rituals we love for each moon phase:
New moon 
Meditate, journal, set intentions, manifest your wildest dreams

1st Quarter
Lightness and darkness are equal
Check in on highs and lows for the month, what is working, what can we shift?
This is when intentions begin to take root

Full moon 
Cleanse, ground, release, yoga, meditation, journalling, light a candle and take a sacred bath

3rd Quarter 
Before we reach a new phase, we release, clear out anything that’s stopping you from reaching your full potential. Focus on bringing balance.


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