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History of Selenite

The name Selenite is derived from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. Looking at this stunning crystal, you can see why it was named after the moon goddess, as it seems to radiate moonlight, like it truly contains a sliver of the goddess herself.

Selenite Energy

Selenite is all about activation and raising awareness of/reaching higher planes, and is known for it's ability to encourage connection to your angelic team. The positive white light energy that Selenite radiates inspires purity and honesty.

This crystal works with the third eye, crown, transpersonal and Etheric chakras, and can also bring them all into alignment. When Selenite's energy flows into the crown chakra, it will open, cleanse and activate the chakra, bringing clarity and a sense of absolute purification. Along with cleansing and purifying your own energy, Selenite can also do the same for your space and your crystals!

How we use Selenite

There are seriously so many different ways to utilise this magical stone!
Below we have shared some of our favourite ways that us here at Yoga & Oils love to use our Selenite.

Placed at each entrance to your home. 

  • This is to protect and cleanse the energy of anyone who comes through the door, allowing any negativity someone may have picked up to be washed away as they pass beneath the Selenite placed above the door.  

To cleanse other crystals. 

  • Place Selenite amongst your crystals to cleanse their energies, or you can put other crystals in a Selenite plate or bowl. Alternatively, you can place your crystal bracelets and necklaces over/around a Selenite tower so it can cleanse them in preparation for a new day.

In areas that you want to bring pure, positive energy to, or to cleanse the energy of.

  • Having a piece of Selenite in areas that you want to create a pure, positive energy in, or also in busy areas that can accumulate a lot of conflicting energy, to help continuously cleanse that space.

During meditation.

  • To bring in a sense of peace and calm, and to encourage our connection to our angelic teams.  

Kept on you.

  • Keeping a piece of Selenite on you to cleanse yourself of anything you may have picked up during the day, or when you feel the need to refreshen and lighten your own energy.

For aesthetically pleasing decor!

  • Crystals are just so beautiful, and aside from all of their amazing, magical qualities, they make for some extremely aesthetically pleasing decor! Claire has a Selenite tower as her dining table centrepiece, and it looks stunning whilst also cleansing the space. Win Win!

However you wish to use your Selenite, take a moment to just sit and be with it.
You'll know and feel exactly how to use it.


I am always divinely and lovingly guided.

As always, if there's anything more you’d like to know feel free to contact us at yogaandoilsnz@gmail.com, through our socials, or pop into the crystal shop for a visit at
3 Walton Street, Te Awamutu.

With Peace, Clarity and always a touch of Magic,

The Yoga & Oils Team


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