~ What is the Third Eye Chakra ~

Also known as Ajna in Sanskrit, the Third Eye chakra is the sixth chakra of the body. This is the chakra that connects us to our intuition, enables our sense of perception, governs our inner well of wisdom, and is where our soul lays. Ajna is also known as our perception centre, and it is through this chakra that we find our life purpose and direction.

Ajna means "foremost" in Sanskrit. This chakra resides within the astral body, but in the physical it corresponds to the very tip of the spinal cord in the centre of the brain and works alongside the senses. Most commonly known as the third eye, this refers to the chakra enabling one to gain insight into the future, while the eyes of the physical body view the past and present.

Body Areas: Eyes, ears and nose (the senses)

Endocrine Glands: Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Pineal glands

~ Characteristics of Ajna ~

Element: The element most associated with Ajna is light. Light helps to bring clarity, understanding and spiritual insight, encouraging connection to your higher consciousness.

Balanced Third Eye Chakra: Enhanced intuition and psychic abilities, Greater self-awareness, Focussed on ideas, dreams, goals & values, Deeper spiritual connection and open to receiving, Making good decisions

Overactive Chakra: Closed minded, Stress accompanied by headaches, Anxiety, Judgemental/unsympathetic, Overly intellectual in your thinking, Lack of clarity and focus

Underactive Chakra: Struggle to understand the spiritual world, disconnected from your intuition, Struggle with memory, No imagination—seeing is believing

Colour: Violet

Essential Oils: Clary Sage, Lemongrass, Frankincense

Crystals: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Lepidolite, Purple Fluorite

Mantra: I SEE the synchronicities and signs that are guiding me on this spiritual path, trusting in the Divine guidance that unfolds before me. 
Using affirmations beginning with I SEE help to activate Ajna.

Symbol: The symbol for Ajna is a lotus flower with two petals. The two petals are said to represent the dualities of ego with the lotus flower representing your inner consciousness surpassing the ego. Personally I like to think that the two petals represent past and present, and the central lotus is the combination of both, bringing forth the future.

Join me in this guided meditation where we activate the Third Eye Chakra, you may like to have a lepidolite or amethyst crystal with you, however only if it feels good.

~ Ajna Self-Care Rituals ~

VISUALISATION: Visualisation can be a powerful tool for opening the Third Eye! Similar to meditation, find your safe space and close your eyes. Draw in a breath and hold it for a few seconds before releasing, and with that released breath let your body relax. Picture in your minds eye whatever it is you wish to visualise in that moment, whether it be your idea of the perfect day or a goal that you want to achieve. Include as many details as you can. If your idea of the perfect day looks like lounging on the beach, imagine the heat of the sun on your skin, the sound of the waves lapping at the shore, the feel of sand beneath your feet, how you would feel in that perfect moment. Bring that energy into yourself and allow it to carry you through your day.

CRYSTALS: Wearing/keeping crystals on you throughout your day helps to align and centre yourself in the energy those crystals emit. Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Lepidolite and Purple Fluorite all work in tandem with the Third Eye chakra, helping to open, increase, protect and enhance your own intuition and psychic abilities.

AFFIRMATIONS: Using affirmations enables you to set the intention for whatever it is you are wanting in that moment. To see only the truth, to honour your inner wisdom and trust your path, to perceive everything clearly. Repeating affirmations throughout the day goes a long way towards achieving them, as they help to reprogram any negative beliefs and self doubt, creating new thought patterns and behaviours.

  • I see the potential for healing and transformation within myself, recognising that I have the power to create positive change

  • I always honour and follow my intuition

  • I see the beauty in nature, finding solace and inspiration in the wonders of the natural world

  • I am the conscious creator of my own reality

  • I see the light within the shadows, embracing the balance of light and dark within myself and the world around me

YOGA: Yoga is one of my favourite ways to bring balance to the chakra system. To flow with each posture and to send your breath into the chakra centre is incredibly impactful and empowering.

For the third chakra, here are some of my favourite postures to balance this energy centre:

  • Childs pose - with my forehead on the earth, gently rolling the neck from side to side

  • Downward facing dog

  • Dolphin posture

  • Your seat of meditation, with your eyes closed, your favourite third eye chakra oil on your finger tips, giving your third eye, your forehead - thru to your temples a beautiful massage.

  • Candle gazing

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With so much love, happiness & healing
Renee xx


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