~ What is the Crown Chakra ~

The sanskrit name for the Crown Chakra is Sahasrara, and it means 'thousand' or 'infinite'. This Chakra rests just slightly above the head, in the "Crown Space".

Sahasrara is the 7th of our main chakra's, and is the Chakra that activates the Divine energy within us, encouraging spiritual enlightenment and forming a channel to our Supreme Self, allowing the free flow of universal energy through our system.

Body Areas: Brain & Nervous System

Endocrine Gland: Pineal

~ Characteristics of Sahasrara ~

Element: The element of Sahasrara is Thought.

Balanced Crown Chakra: Wisdom, Connection, Spirituality,
the feeling of being Divinely Guided.

Overactive Chakra: Feeling disconnected from the physical world and other people, trouble with grounding yourself, mental overwhelm, "God Complex", depression.

Underactive Chakra: Feels a lack of purpose and no meaning, lack of balance in life, feels unloved, an excessive fear of death

Colour: Colours associated with the Crown Chakra are violet and white. Violet has the highest vibrational frequency of all colours, and represents spirituality, connection, reflection and self-awareness. White represents innocence, purity, perfection and new beginnings, encouraging open-mindedness and bringing in a sense of calm. 

Essential Oils: Melissa, Chamomile, Frankincense

Crystals: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Lepidolite, Selenite, Labradorite

Mantra: I UNDERSTAND deeper truth and connection. I am grounded to the Earth and connected to the Heavens.
Affirmations beginning with I UNDERSTAND keeps the focus on your Crown Chakra.

Symbol: The symbol of Sahasrara is the 1000-petaled lotus flower, with a circle at its centre. The 1000 petals of the lotus symbolises kundalini energy rising into the newly awakened Crown Chakra. Imagine the unfurled petals forming a crown above your head. The empty circle in the center portrays the 'vacuum of space'. 
As your consciousness rises through your lower Chakras towards Sahasrara, you will find your innate ability to connect and merge with this infinite space.
I see this 'space' as infinite potential.
Others think of it as a ‘Circle of Oneness’ with all living beings in the Universe.

Join me in this guided Crown Chakra meditation, where we connect to
the Divine above and within.  

~ Sahasrara Self-Care Rituals ~

MEDITATION: Once you've found your safe space and have gotten cosy and comfy, start by imagining a golden-white light shining down on you. Let this light wash over you, healing every part of you that it comes into contact with, recharging your physical and spiritual body. Open your mind and let yourself connect.

MUSIC: For me music has always been a form of self-care, even before I knew what self-care was. Listening to music that speaks to your soul (no matter what it is) whether it be a meditation playlist, classical music, coffeehouse covers, whatever music you love, listen to it and let it bring your mind and Crown into focus. Music is magic and brings joy, so do it and do it loud!

AWARENESS: Be aware of ego flare-ups. Learn to identify when your ego is raising its head, when you are reacting from a place of ego versus a place of understanding and unity.

Watch the sunset regularly… Outdoors if you can, while stepping back in awe and reverence in the moment.

Sit in silence for 5-10 minutes each day. It does not need to be part of your formal meditation practice, just put away your devices and sit, observing what comes up and any discomfort you might feel.

AFFIRMATIONS: The use of affirmations can be a powerful healing practice that supports your total well-being, and when used right can bring so much high vibe energy into your day. 

  • I understand that I am always Divinely guided.

  • I release control and surrender to the higher powers surrounding me.

  • I honour the sacred divinity within me.

  • I am a spiritual being in a human body.

YOGA: Yoga is one of my favourite ways to bring balance to the chakra system. To flow with each posture and to send your breath into the chakra centre is incredibly impactful and empowering.

For the crown chakra, here are some of my favourite postures to balance this energy centre:

  • Lotus Pose or Easy Seat

  • Downward facing dog

  • Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

  • Wide Legged Forward Fold

  • Savasana

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