Welcoming in Virgo's beautiful, grounded energy

23rd August - 22nd September

Virgos are known for their practicality, attention to detail, and analytical nature. They have a strong sense of responsibility and strive for perfection in everything they do. Virgos are highly organized and methodical, often excelling in tasks that require precision. They have a keen eye for spotting flaws and enjoy problem-solving. Virgos are also known for their loyalty, reliability, and willingness to help others. They can be reserved and sometimes have the tendency to overthink.

~ Modality ~
Virgo is a mutable sign, meaning that it marks the end of winter for us down here in the Southern Hemisphere. Being a mutable sign, Virgos are very adaptable and comfortable with change. This is because they fall on the precipice between seasons, they mediate change and often feel the need to help others through transitional times.  

~ Symbol ~
The Virgin.
The Virgin symbolises innocence, curiosity, giving and nurturing, but also power, the divine, femininity, and sexuality.   

~ Element ~
Virgos element is Earth, which is most fitting for this sign. They have a warm and stable energy to them, making you feel safe and protected when in their presence. Earth elements tend to have an air of strength, stability and grounded-ness to them.

~ Ruling Planet ~
Virgos ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of the Mind and Communication. People influenced by Mercury are often articulate, curious, analytical, and have a knack for learning and problem-solving. 

~ Birthstones ~
Sapphire & Carnelian

~ Crystals ~
Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Moss Agate, Pink Amethyst, Opal

~ Lucky Numbers ~
5 & 14

~ Personality Traits ~
Analytical, Curious, Intelligent, Reliable, Organised, Perfectionist, Modest, Caring

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With love, happiness and always a touch of Magic,
The Yoga & Oils Team


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