Summer Season Yoga & Meditation Bliss

With how quickly Summer has come upon us, we thought that an energy balancing post for this fire season was well needed before our close-down period!

Taking care of our energy and ensuring we're not overdoing it should be at the top of our priority lists, now and always, so this post is for anyone that wants to stay balanced and level-headed, or for those that just want a moment of peaceful bliss!

So beautiful friend, below is some magic we have curated for a Summer of Bliss just for you.

Gentle Yoga
Gentle Yoga focuses on slow, mindful movements and gentle stretches, and is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels. The intention of a gentle yoga flow is to create a nurturing and supportive environment for the body and mind. It allows you to cultivate mindfulness, release tension, and improve well-being.

A gentle yoga flow usually begins with a few minutes of centering and connecting with the breath. This helps to bring awareness to the present moment and prepare the body for movement. Then we go in with some gentle stretches, flowing into slow and fluid movements. The flow between poses is slow and deliberate and are coordinated with the breath, creating a sense of fluidity and mindfulness. Breathe deeply and consciously, using the breath to find a sense of relaxation and presence. Gently conclude with relaxation or meditation.

We also have a months worth of epic online Summer Yoga classes

Find your quiet and comfortable space where you can sit or lie down without distractions. Soften your gaze then slowly close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths to relax your body and mind.
Allow any tension or thoughts to gently melt away.
Bring attention to your breath. Notice the sensation of the breath as it enters and leaves your body. You can focus on the rise and fall of your abdomen or the feeling of air passing through your nostrils.
As thoughts, emotions, or sensations arise, acknowledge them without judgment and gently guide your attention back to your breath.
Stay present in the moment, letting go of any distractions that may arise. 
You can choose to focus solely on your breath, or you can explore other techniques such as guided visualisation, loving-kindness meditation, or body scan meditation. Find a technique that resonates with you and supports your intention for meditation.  
If you're new to meditation you may want to set a timer to help you stay focused and ensure you don't feel rushed. When your meditation time is complete, take a moment to express gratitude for the practice and any insights or calmness you may have experienced. Slowly bring your awareness back to your surroundings and gently open your eyes.

We also have beautiful chakra meditations you can follow along to here

Breathwork involves conscious control and manipulation of the breath to bring about physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It can be a powerful tool for relaxation, stress reduction, and self-exploration and there are so many techniques!

  1. Deep diaphragmatic breathing: This technique involves breathing deeply into the diaphragm, expanding the belly on the inhale, and gently contracting it on the exhale. It helps to slow down the breath, increase oxygen intake, and activate the body's relaxation response.

  2. Box breathing: Box breathing, also known as square breathing, involves inhaling, holding the breath, exhaling, and holding the breath again, each for an equal count of time. This technique helps to regulate the breath, calm the nervous system, and promote a sense of balance and focus.

  3. Alternate nostril breathing: In this technique, you use your fingers to alternate the closing and opening of each nostril while breathing. It helps balance the flow of energy in the body, calm the mind, and enhance mental clarity.

  4. Breath awareness meditation: This practice involves simply observing the natural flow of the breath without trying to control or manipulate it. By bringing your attention to the breath, you cultivate mindfulness and develop a deeper connection with the present moment.

  5. Pranayama techniques: Pranayama is a term used in yoga to describe various breath control exercises. These techniques can include breath retention, rapid breathing, or specific patterns of inhalation and exhalation. Pranayama practices can have different effects on the body and mind, such as energizing, calming, or balancing.

    Breathwork can be practiced on its own or as a complement to other mindfulness practices, meditations, or yoga and it can be done anywhere and at any time!

    Getting out into Nature
    Take advantage of the beautiful weather and get out there into Nature. Take a stroll down the beach or in the ngahere. Get your hands dirty in the garden. Practice yoga or meditation outdoors. Whatever it is, just get out there and soak up all that the earth has to offer us! Just being in Nature brings us a sense of child-like wonder and awe, it connects us to all that is divine, brings inner peace and stillness, rejuvenates the body/mind/soul, and reminds us of our interconnectedness to all that is! 

These super easy and joyful practices are sure to get your energy back into alignment, not only for Summer but all year long! 

As always, if there's anything more you’d like to know feel free to contact us at yogaandoilsnz@gmail.com or through our socials.

With love, happiness and always a touch of Magic,
The Yoga & Oils Team


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