It's all about the Heart

Just like ourselves, crystals naturally come in all different shapes, sizes and colours, but can also be carved into different symbolic forms. The art of crystal carving is an ancient one that dates back to civilisations like the Mayans, Romans, Chinese and the Egyptians.

Just as each crystal has it's own unique properties, the shape or form of the crystal can also enhance it's inherent properties or even add new ones to the stone, which can enable us to utilise it in more or different ways. 

The meaning of the Heart

Heart-shaped crystals are often associated with love, compassion, and emotional healing. They carry a gentle and nurturing energy that can help open and heal the heart chakra. The heart shape itself symbolises love, unity, and connection. When working with heart-shaped crystals, many people find that they can enhance self-love, attract loving relationships, and promote emotional well-being. These crystals can also be used to deepen meditation, promote forgiveness, and bring harmony to relationships.

How we love to use them!

  1. Meditation: Hold the heart-shaped crystal in your hand or place it on your heart chakra during meditation. Focus on the energy of the crystal and allow it to bring a sense of love, compassion, and healing to your heart space.

  2. Chakra Healing: As the heart shape is inherently connected to the heart chakra, we love to use this when we feel called to the heart space. This can be for healing, opening or balancing the heart chakra. Simply find your safe space, relax, place the heart shaped crystal over the heart space and let the magic unfold.

  3. Crystal Grid: We like to incorporate our heart-shaped crystals into crystal grids. Arrange other crystals around it in a pattern that aligns with your intention, such as attracting love or promoting emotional healing.

  4. Altar or Sacred Space: Place the heart-shaped crystal on your altar or sacred space as a symbol of love and healing. You can also surround it with other crystals or objects that hold personal significance to amplify its energy.

  5. Gift or Offering: Give a heart-shaped crystal as a gift to someone you care about. It can be a beautiful gesture to show love, support, and healing intentions.

Each crystal has its own unique properties, so it's always a good idea to research the specific crystal you are working with or check out our Crystal Knowledge section to understand its individual energy and benefits, as well as the unique energy each shape brings. 

Remember, the most important thing is to connect with the crystal in a way that feels right for you. Trust your intuition and allow the crystal's energy to guide you on your journey of love and healing.

As always, if there's anything more you’d like to know about crystal shapes and meanings, feel free to contact us at yogaandoilsnz@gmail.com, through our socials, or come visit us at the crystal shop at 3 Walton Street, Te Awamutu.

With Love, Happiness and so much Magic,
The Yoga & Oils Team


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