How do I buy Doterra's essential oils?

This is a question I get asked multiple times a day - how do I actually get started with using doTERRA's essential oils? Or... I am overwhelmed with all the info - can you make it simpler? Well.... this blog is me trying.... so how do you purchase doTERRA's essential oils?

1. Find a wellness educator (like me!) that you can trust that will support you

Why is this important? Essential oils are used for so many different reasons, it may be to support you & your family emotionally, physically, mentally, with pain, anxiety, stress or weight loss just to name a few. So, you need someone you can message or call that will be there to help you with diffuser blends, roller blends or just how you can use your oils & support yourself naturally.

Thats what I'm here for, not just to sell you a kit, but to educate & support you once you have those amazing high vibe oils in your hot little hands! It truely is life changing & empowering to support both yourself & your family naturally.

So, step 1 - find me..... and let me guide you every step of the way. I always recommend at least a phone call before purchasing oils as that way, I can make sure youre getting the oils you need & also making the best of any awesome deals doTERRA may have going.

2. Choose the kit or oils that are right for you

When purchasing with doTERRA, you can purchase single oils or a kit.... for most people a kit is an awesome way to get started as you then have the top 10 most used oils for a really good price.

Did you know that you can actually purchase a kit for under $200 NZD including postage? That's 11 AMAZING oils for less than $200 - which is pretty amazing. This kit is called the FAMILY ESSENTIALS KIT and comes with Lavender, Frankincense, Ice Blue, Easy Air, Digestzen, Oregano, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lemon, OnGuard & Smart & Sassy. Each of the oils in this kit are in 5ml bottles (80 drops per bottle) excluding the Smart & Sassy which is 15ml (250 drops per bottle)

The most popular kit doTERRA sells is the HOME ESSENTIALS KIT. This costs $330AUD plus postage and comes with the top 10 most used oils in the bigger 15ml bottles (250 drops per bottle), plus a FREE petal diffuser. So Fabulous! And such awesome value for money!
Here's a little something about all of the oils in the kit below:
Lavender - calming, fab for sleep, skin & mood
Frankincense - AMAZING for mood, skin, immunity, sleep, cellular renewal
Digestzen - awesome for anything tummy related, so digestive support
Peppermint - fab for energy & tension, muscles, digestion
Lemon - AWESOME for anything cleaning related, plus detoxing, immunity
OnGuard - amazing natural anti-bacterial oil! so fab for immunity & cleaning
Tea Tree - super fab for ears, skin, acne, nails, cleaning
Oregano - naturally anti-viral, so fab for warts, immunity, digestion
Easy Air (Breathe) - oh.so.amazing for anything respiratory related!
Ice Blue (Deep Blue) - soothing to the muscles & joints

3. Order - yay!

So, its actually really easy - the best way to order is to call me (021 0278 3282) & I'll do it for you while you're on the phone - yay! Super easy, plus we get to chat & then I can also tailor a really nice welcome gift to you.

Giving me a call or message is especially important, if you dont know what you want or need - that way I can help!

However if you know what you want & would prefer to order online, then just follow this link below & ín a few easy clicks you're oils will be on the way!

4. Stalk the courier

Seriously... this is real! I still do this! The courier must think I'm constantly like a hyperactive child at christmas!!!

Once you've placed your order, you should have your oils & your welcome gift from me within the week - way too exciting!!!
Hopefully, this answers most of your questions, but if not, please call or message me anytime - I would love to help you get started.

With love & excitement for your natural health journey


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