Energy Protection Tools

Why should we protect our energy?

So we're diving right in here... no messing around. Protecting your energy is EVERYTHING. Have you seen that picture floating around on socials of a happy cartoon guy coming into a group of people with a smile.... that smile spreads to the 2 people on either side of him, which spreads to the people on either side of them, which spreads, and spreads..... the more joy you feel, the more this joy spreads to others.

This my beautiful friends can also be said for the flip side. Imagine that happy cartoon character coming in with a sad, angry, judgemental or bitter face...... if your energy isn't protected that energy shifts to you..... and if the persons energy next to you isn't protected, that energy shifts to them, and so on it goes. 

This is not an epic cycle. Energy is everywhere, and we are the masters of protecting what is ours. This isn't disrespectful to others, this is kindness to all, allowing you to be in that good feeling place is the key to spreading joy far and wide.

So how do we love to make this magic happen?

Along with the breath and meditation, which allow us to feel incredibly grounded, here are our favourite energy protection tools each offering you a feeling of security and energetic safety, allowing you to move through the world feeling safe from unwanted, low vibrational energy.

- BLACK TOURMALINE CRYSTAL which creates a protective energy shield around you and your space, it wards off all bad vibes and negative energy.
- SELENITE WAND a master stone for purifying unwanted energy, bringing in positivity and light, cleansing not only your space, but you also.
- SMOKY QUARTZ CYSTAL helps you let go of what no longer serves you, it allows the light to shine in and the negativity fall away.
- ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL to protect your heart and foster love, trust and compassion
- PALO SANTO STICK a sacred wood from the Palo Santo tree imported from Peru. It inspires creativity, clears negative energy and brings love and fortune onto your horizon. Amazing for clearing stagnant energies from your home, your crystals and your body.
- ENERGY PROTECTION OIL BLEND to roll over your heart to protect your energetic boundaries, your heart space, to ground your energy, connect you with the devine goodness that surrounds you and keeps you safe and to foster love for thyself, so my friends, even a protector from your own harsh judgements.

We have collected this magic up and boxed it beautifully for you with detailed information on the crystals, and santo, how to use them, along with affirmations to leave you feeling high vibe and epic. You can shop your Energy Protection Pack Here

I have those tools, but how do I use them?

This is where the magic truely unfolds. There are so many uses for these earth gifts, but these are our favourite ways:

- SMOKY QUARTZ - Carry it with you, in your pocket, your hand or your bra. It will keep you shielded. I personally don't leave the house without mine, and also have a beautiful tower at our front entrance.
- BLACK TOURMALINE - As this is your protector, keep them near the door at your house to clear peoples energies as they enter your space, some say you should have one for every member of your family and your plants love them, so you can place them in pot plants near the front door.     We also place ours under our drivers seat of the car for safe travels, and next to electronics to protect us from EMF.
- ROSE QUARTZ - This beautiful heart protector draws love to you. Carry with you, keep in your office to dissolve stress and tension, or anywhere in your home where you want to amplify the love energy.
- SELENITE as this is a Master Cleanser it will cleanse your other crystals as well as you, clearing any energy you may have picked up from other people. We love to place our crystals we've carried on us during the day, along with our bracelets on to cleanse at night time.
We also keep one in the car under the passengers car seat, keeping the negativity out of your car. Great to have in your handbag or on your office desk, next to your bed, on your alter to hold during meditation...... actually, who am I kidding? Just everywhere - they are epic! Pure positive light energy.
- PALO SANTO - burn baby burn, you will see us doing this often in the studio, respectfully and beautifully cleansing our crystal friends, our space, and ourselves. We do this often at home also, clearing any stagnant energies, and just inviting light and love into the space.


It is our greatest pleasure to bring joy, love and knowledge your way so if there is anything we can do to be of service, please reach out.

Much love xx


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