Top 10 Crystals For Plants

We all know that crystals give off amazing energies that are transformational for us, but did you know that crystal energies can help our plants grow too? Many gardeners choose to use crystals to help encourage their plants' growth and keep them healthy and happy. 

Whether your plants are sick and are struggling, have been transplanted or repotted, sit near an EMF emitting device, or you are just wanting to encourage them to grow as lush and healthy as possible, introduce them to our magical crystal friends and watch them transform into healthy and happy plants. 

Plants can have energy blocks, just like us, so by using crystals regularly in your gardening practises we can help to keep this energy flowing freely for our plant pals. 

Here are our top ten crystal picks for plants!

Red Jasper and Malachite are two crystals that are known to encourage new growth and promote fertile and abundant plants. These two stones are also excellent for gardens and plants affected by EMF, so those that sit on your desk or are in a room surrounded by technology. Place a stone in a plant pot to help protect them from this.

Onyx and Obsidian are crystals that confuse and repel pests and insects. These are highly recommended for using around tomato plants. 

Moss Agate is also known as the gardener’s stone, and blends perfectly into your garden with its light or dark green colour. Moss Agate aids balance and promotes health and vitality in the garden. It also works to promote a connection to the earth and has magical grounding properties. 

Adventurine is an amazing crystal for absorbing negativity and helping to calm stress. It’s a great one to place near new plantings or transplanted plants as it helps to reduce plant shock.

Selenite is a fantastic source of calcium and sulphur for plants and soil nutrition. All plants need this for growth as it improves soil structure.

Citrine is a bright happy crystal that symbolises the healing energies of the sun. Citrine promotes happiness and dispels negativity and toxins.

Tigers Eye promotes strong root growth, harmony, and success in your garden. It can be placed in either plant pots, or stones can be added into your garden where they will spread the light beautifully with their holographic reflection. 

Green Calcite is ideal for a space that is too loud, such as a garden near a busy road, or plants that sit in an office or other noisy space. It helps soothe anxious and stressed plants, and promotes lush and happy plants.

Clear Quartz is our master crystal that has so many amazing properties. It is a master of healers, promotes vitality, and boosts up other crystals so is a great one to have around your plants. 

Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline and Sodalite all help to aid in healing sick plants. Pop any of these stones into a plant pot, or scatter through your garden to help heal and encourage new growth.

We have most of these crystals available online or instore now.  It’s also important to keep in mind not all crystals are water-friendly, so some may not be ideal for using outside, or they may need to be removed from plant pots when watering. As a rule of thumb all “-ites” should not be around water but if you need any guidance or advice around what crystals to use where, please get in touch with our team!


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