Our Top 8 Crystals for Pain Relief

Pain and discomfort is now more common than ever, partially thanks to the more sedentary lifestyle that many of us lead. It’s likely that most of us suffer from some form of pain (either physical or emotional), discomfort or illness, however using specific crystals can help to reduce this and bring us back to our true state. Crystals help the body to come back into balance naturally, by reducing inflammation, speeding up healing and getting the energy free flowing. We take a look at 8 of our favourites below. 

A crystal soothes the mind, therefore releasing any pain we are manifesting in that headspace, allowing us freedom from pain. Amethyst is powerful for reducing stress and the underlying causes of pain and is wonderful with assisting with headaches, migraines, and arthritis pain

Amethyst also supports the stomach, heart and skin health., as well as cleanses the aura and removes negative energy and blockages that lead to pain. If you suffer from depression, anxiety or hormonal balances, amethyst is your go-to crystal. 

Selenite is our go to for overall muscle soreness, and is a great crystal to have on hand if you play sport or work out. It helps reduce muscle soreness, and pain around the bones, tendons and nerves. It’s also great for those of us who work at desks all day as it helps to reduce back pain.

Shungite is an incredibly powerful crystal that works to detoxify the body and bring it back into alignment. It also heals and repairs the body.

Howlite offers pain relief for chronic pain, helping to decrease tension in the neck, shoulders and back. It also helps with the endocrine and circulatory system, so is a great crystal to use in winter to help get the blood flowing. Howlite also has amazing relaxing properties and can be used to help settle the nerves and help you maneuver through high stress situations. 
Its sedative nature also means it will help you sleep, so pop a tumble stone under your pillow or wear a Howlite bracelet to ensure a good night’s rest. 

This powerful crystal literally sucks away negative energy and removes it from the mind and body. It also helps to removes EMF pollution that weakens the aura that causes pain related symptoms, so is a great crystal to use or wear while you are using technology (especially if you are stuck at a desk all day)
It’s an amazing stone for grounding and helping to align and balance the chakras, to get the positive and uplifting energy flowing.  If you are feeling a bit flat or tired, black tourmaline helps to restore physical energy and wellbeing, as well as releasing stress and tension in the muscles. It also helps with arthritis and the immune system, so is a goodie to use in the winter months to prevent flus and colds. 

Bloodstone is a must-have stone for women, as it helps to reduce the pain and symptoms associated with PMS, menopause, and childbirth. It’s also a detoxifying crystal, and works to cleanse and purify the bloodstream, and stimulates the circulatory system.

Aquamarine is one of our top crystals for pain relief support. It’s also another must-have for winter as it helps with ills and chills. If you have issues with your respiratory system, throat, or lungs, wearing or using Aquamarine regularly will help with this. 

Rose quartz is the stone of self-love, and helps us to love ourselves, while bringing peace and tranquility to our lives. It helps if you are going through loss or grief, and elevates our mood. It also helps with the reproductive system, the kidneys, the thyroid and skin issues. Since it has anti-inflammatory properties is cools and helps to sooth chronic pain. 


One you know what crystal to use to help heal your body and mind, you can then choose how to use it. We recommend keeping the crystal as close to the area of pain or discomfort, so perhaps this is wearing it in the form of jewellery, or popping it in your pocket or bra. 

You can also meditate with your chosen crystal and this is an effective practise that should be done regularly. We love to get hold our crystals lovingly in both hands and state out loud “I am pain free” seven times.  

If you are working with Amethyst, Selenite or Shungite you can also do the following practise. Lie or sit down in the position that is the most comfortable. Place your crystals on the body as follows

Amethyst & Shungite: directly on to the area of pain or discomfort.

Selenite: On your chest or back. 

Leave your crystals on your body for 11 minutes. During this time, visualize the pain leaving your

After you’re done, place your crystals outside in the light for four hours to cleanse and restore their properties and energies. For ongoing pain, repeat as often as needed. 

We hope these healing and pain relief techniques help you to effectively manage your symptoms. For any further advice, please just send us a message. Most of the crystals mentioned above are available in-store and online. 

Disclaimer: It’s super important to remember that if you are suffering from severe pain, symptoms, or are concerned about your body then it’s best to see a doctor. We are not medical professionals. 


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