Crystal Practices: Self-Love with Rhodochrosite

Are you struggling with self-love? Maybe you haven’t been treating yourself with as much care as you should? Or perhaps you feel like others are more worthy than you? If you need a loving boost then this practise is for you.

One of our favourite self-love crystals is a stunner called Rhodochrosite. This crystal can vary from pink to red and even brown, and often has beautiful white streaks through it. It’s known as a Master Healer of the heart, and helps to promote unconditional, selfless, and compassionate love. 

It’s an incredibly powerful stone as it works to direct love back to yourself, so is perfect for self-love and worthiness practices and meditations. It also works to help you release and recover from energy blockages and emotional wounds, and works with both the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras.

To learn to love yourself unconditionally and to feel comfortable and worthy in your skin is such an important thing and will totally change the way you see yourself and others. Having full respect for yourself is key, and if you have any doubt around this, then we encourage you to practise the following at least once or twice a day.


Stand in front of the mirror, and hold your Rhodochrosite Bracelet gently over your heart 

Ask yourself this question … “if I felt worthy, what would I do differently?”

As you look yourself in the eyes, say out loud what you would do differently.

Breath in, take this moment in, say it, feel it, and believe it, because you are worth it.

Continue to look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud, “I AM WORTHY”

Wear your Rhodochrosite bracelet throughout the day to generate feelings of love, compassion and kindness towards yourself, and as a beautiful reminder of your worth. 


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