5 Crystals for Improving Study & Focus

Do you find yourself struggling to focus when you are trying to work or study? Maybe you are constantly thinking about the things you have to do, rather than the task at hand? If you find your mind is constantly flittering around, then these five crystals might help to improve your focus and concentration and calm your mind. 

No matter whether you are a student, worker, or parent, the ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand is crucial. When your mind wanders, we find it harder to complete tasks and work to the best of our ability. Crystals can help to calm our environments and work to unblock our chakras and mental processes to impart a sense of calm. This helps us to in turn focus and concentrate more effectively. 

Here are our top five crystal picks…. 

FLUORITE: Gives us the motivation to study harder and hit our deadlines, so is a must have crystal for students! It also has stress-fighting properties and helps to ward off feelings of negativity. It’s a great crystal to take into exams with you, or simply have sitting on your desk while you work!

CLEAR QUARTZ:This crystal helps us to retain information more easily, so it is good to have with you while in class or during training sessions. It also helps to improve overall focus and concentration. 

HONEY CALCITE: Works to enhance confidence and courage. This is one crystal you want to have on you before a big test, meeting or job interview! 
It also helps to combat anxiety and overthinking, and offers a calming effect. 

TIGERS EYE: A strong crystal, this assists with determination and diligence, while providing an overall calming effect which alleviates high anxiety.

AMAZONITE: One of our favourites, Amazonite works to promote relaxation and give us that “zen feeling” so work becomes easier, more flowy, and more productive. 

Which of these crystals do you need? If you have any questions around which one might be best for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


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