The Power of Plants - How to Hold a Smudging Ceremony.

Smudging ceremonies are a powerful way to cleanse away stagnant or negative energy from your home or space. Using the magic of nature, energy is unblocked and able to flow freely again.

Here are just some of the things smudging can help with…. 

  • Healing in all forms; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  • Protection of you and your home or space
  • Guidance and enhancing your inner knowing
  • Altering or shifting consciousness
  • Changing how we feel and increasing our feelings of confidence, energy and hope
  • Improves our sleep and reduces anxiety and stress
  • Allows us to feel more centred, guided, and protected

Smudging is also a popular way to cleanse crystals, and we love to practise smudging ceremonies regularly in store and before we send your new crystals to you. This allows you to be able to program the crystal with your intentions, and helps it to have the most positive energy and power going forward. 

There are a number of different herbs and plants that you can use for smudging. Here are a few common favourites, so choose the one that resonates with you. 

SAGE:  Clears negative energy
PALO SANTO: Cleansing, grounding and emotional healing
LAVENDER: Calming and relaxing
ROSEMARY: Protection
ROSE:  Meditation, calming and attracting love
PEPPERMINT: Healing and protection
LEMON BALM: Calmness and spiritual cleansing

Unsure how to hold a smudging ceremony? This is how we do ours. 

  1. Light your smudge stick or place a handful of smudging magic in a bowl
  2. Once a steady flame forms, blow it out so it is smouldering and smoking
  3. Using your hand, fan the smoke over your body, item, or throughout your space. If you are cleansing a space, make sure there is a window open so the negative energy can leave 
  4. Set your intentions for all that no longer serves you  to now leave. If you are smudging to cleanse a space, then set the intention that negative energy must  leave now and it’s no longer welcome to stay here.
  5. Feel the blessings of good fortune and happiness and positive energy.

We are currently loving Palo Santo for cleansing as it transforms negative energy into pure positivity so there is no need to have a window or door open. We  have Palo Santo in both single sticks and bundles available in store now. 


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