Crystals For New Beginnings

Spring is the time of new beginnings, and the time of year where many of us feel the new year really begins, energetically at least! It’s a time of fresh starts, a time to clear the mind and set new goals, while we are supported with our renewal by Mother Nature. It’s also a time when we often feel energetic, positive, hopeful and full of all the good vibes, so it’s important to harness that powerful energy and allow it to flow on over into the rest of the year. 

And of course while we absolutely love Spring, it isn’t the only time for fresh starts. Every month, we can also harness the energy of the new moon to help us with our visualisation and manifestation of goals and to bring about new beginnings. The new moon brings around a clean slate and a time to put our fears and negative energy behind us and move forward in a more positive and energetic way. New moons are also a powerful time for manifesting what we desire in life, and working through steps to take us to where we want to be. 

So as we know, crystals are incredibly powerful for enhancing and channeling energy and they can help support our renewal process. So here are a few of our favourite crystals for new beginnings and fresh starts and how we love to use them.

MOONSTONE:Both Moonstone and Black Moonstone are associated with the inner goodness which is a symbol of fertility and new beginnings. This crystal helps to enhance our self worth and removes feelings of doubt and worry we may have as we move forward. This is one of our favourite crystals to use especially around the new moon when we are working on our manifestations, as it is literally the stone of the moon so holds an incredible connection to this celestial body.

SAKURA AGATE: Also known as Flower Agate, Sakura Agate is literally Spring in crystal form! The stunning patterns through this crystal look like blooming cherry blossoms, and this crystal encourages you to bloom too! In fact, if you pop this one under a microscope you can see the sparkling geode energy within them. Pure magic! Sakura Agate is a powerful stone of transformation and will help you to grow into the best version of yourself. We love our little stars and moons which can be carried around easily with you in your bra, pocket, or purse so that you always feel joyful and supported. 

GREEN ADVENTURINE: This is also known as the stone of good luck, so is the perfect stone to start any new beginning or manifestation with. It's also an incredibly serene and calming crystal that works to reduce anxiety and keep us calm, while also keeping us moving forward in our growth. Green Adventurine reminds us we are loved and we are at peace and gives us the emotional balance to pursue our dreams with a clear and positive attitude. 

There are so many different ways to use your crystals to support a time of new beginnings and it’s just about finding the way that feels intuitively right to you. Here are a few options

  • Wearing your crystals in jewellery form
  • Carrying small crystals with you in your pocket, bra or bag
  • Having larger crystals around you in your space, to fill the area with all the wonderful vibes
  • Using crystals while you meditate, journal or manifest to intensify the energy.


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