Spring, A Time to Energetically Detox

Spring has sprung, and it's naturally a time of the year where we look to rid ourselves of the old and bring in the new. It's when many of us choose to detox from the old of winter and embrace the fresh energy that arrives with Spring. 

The word detox has almost taken on negative connotations recently, with many of us linking it to fad diets and juice cleanses, but detox literally means to rid the body of unhealthy substances, and this can be both physically, mentally, and energetically too. Removing fear, negative energies, and thoughts that are no longer serving us are all a type of detoxification which leads to a healthier spirit, and a better mentality. 

Here at Yoga & Oils, we love to use the beautiful natural tools we have available to us - crystal magic and essential oils to help us with our detoxification process. So naturally, we wanted to share our current favourites and the stones and oils we choose to use the most.

While a detox can be done at any time, we are loving the fresh Spring vibes - the perfect time to shed anything we feel no longer serves us. Another perfect time is each month on the full moon, with all the heightened moon energy - the perfect time to strip away those layers and detox the body.

Let’s talk crystals first….

BLOODSTONE: This is a powerful healing stone which works on both the mind, body and soul. It helps to ground your energy as well as clearing negative energies away. It’s also an extremely purifying stone that brings clarity, strength and renewed energy. 

CLEAR QUARTZ: Clear Quartz is one of our fave all-rounder crystals, but it is absolutely epic for purifying your mind and removing negativity. It works to help you release old habits and mental blocks and move forward with certainty. 

SMOKEY QUARTZ: Want a purge from negative energy? Smokey Quartz is your gal! This crystal literally flushes away all of the negative and unhelpful thoughts from your body, offering a full mental and spiritual detox.

OBSIDIAN: We love the epic grounding properties of obsidian. This solid crystal shows your flaws, insecurities and fears and helps to dissolve them. It supports you through change and works in harmony with the other crystals listed above. 

To get the most out of the magic, we love to pair our crystals with our favourite essential oil blends. All of these are made from pure essential oils right here in Te Awamutu and are amazing for lifting your spirits and increasing that awesome Spring energy.

Our Energy Blend is infused with Ruby in Ziosite, which gives you a zest for life! It’s created with Orange, Peppermint & Litsea pure essential oils. The citrus oils are beautiful for uplifting your energy, bringing in feelings of abundance, joy, and manifestation, while also connecting you with the Spring energy. They also help to improve your mood, banish fatigue and assist with mental clarity.

We also love our Happy Mama Blend, which is so incredibly uplifting, but also works to ground and balance the body, allowing negativity to be released. This one offers amazing support for the emotions!

As always, if you need any advice or support around these crystals or blends, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to message us or pop into the store!


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