The Benefits of Journalling

Journaling is a ritual we love for so many reasons and finding an inspirational journal just fills my soul with joy. So much so that we have launched our own range of beautiful journals based on our inspiring affirmation cards. We also have some very exciting news to announce, so keep reading to the bottom of the post for more information.
Today, we’d love to share more about journaling and why it can be such a beneficial practise to include in our lives. 
As well as helping you to organise your thoughts, set goals, and be thankful, did you know that regular journalling also has physical benefits too? It helps to keep your brain healthy, and boosts your memory and comprehension, helping you to remember and recall things better and quicker. Journaling has also been widely regarded for helping with things like anxiety, stress and depression.
Journalling allows you to get your thoughts, feelings, and emotions out of your mind and on to paper. It’s a great way to work through things that are frustrating or triggering you, and helps you to create a clear understanding of what needs to change for you to be able to move through any stumbling blocks or obstacles in your life. Journalling allows you to get deep and to be honest with yourself, and allows you to know your true self better. 
Here are a few things that are often journaled about

  • Gratitude and being thankful
  • Goals - setting & manifesting
  • Self love - getting to know your true self better
  • Feelings around money or relationships
  • Affirmations & mantras
  • Recording ideas, be it personal or business
  • Enjoyable or triggering things that happened that day
  • Unpacking past experiences and what effect they have had

Journalling is a very personal process and everyone has a different way of doing it, so it’s important to work out which way feels good for you. For example, you might only like to journal about the things you are grateful for, instead of writing absolutely everything down. Or perhaps you like to have separate journals for different things, like one for goals, one for gratitude, and one for free writing. The thing is to just experiment here and find what works for you, what feels good, and what makes you happy.
Journalling is a great practise to be able to include in your regular routine. Choose a time of day where you are feeling calm and relaxed and will not be disturbed. Perhaps you might like to include your crystals, light a candle, make a cup of herbal tea - the whole thing can be as simple or as intricate as you like. The trick is to be willing to journal, so if you aren’t feeling it, then don’t force it. Allow it to come naturally if and when that happens. 
If lots of writing isn’t your thing, then choose a blank journal that allows you to draw and create. Journalling doesn’t just have to be about writing pages and pages, it is about expression from the heart - in whatever form feels good!
If you are new to journalling, here are a couple of journal prompts to get you started……

  • What is working for me right now?
  • What isn’t working for me right now?
  • How would I like things to feel moving forward?
  • Where do I feel stuck?
  • What is one thing I love about myself?
  • What changes can I make to get my dream life underway?


In very exciting news, we have launched an online Daily Inspiration Journal for you. This is a passion project, things that have been so powerful in my own journaling practise. We often get asked about how to get started with journaling, which sparked the excitement to share this online journey with you. It started as 7 days, it then grew to 14 days and now we are up to 21! It includes meditations and lots of happiness, we focus on 5 different areas of life and our dream is that this inspires you into a life-long journaling practise

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