Autumn Magic

Now I don't know about anyone else, but personally Autumn is my favourite season of the year. The changing colours of the leaves, the slow transition of the warmth of summer to the coolness of winter, enjoying warm drinks while wearing cozy sweaters, gatherings with loved ones in your woodfire-warmed home.
This season brings a sense of coziness & comfort that I just adore!

With all this comes the unique energy that Autumn brings, which is one of change, transformation, and reflection. Just as the leaves change colour and fall from the trees, there is a sense of letting go and releasing what no longer serves us, a sense of renewal, gratitude, and a chance to embrace change in our lives. It's a season that encourages us to slow down, appreciate the beauty of nature, and prepare for the upcoming winter months.

During this time, we also get to celebrate the Autumn Equinox.
This natural event is on the 21st March, and has been celebrated by many cultures all around the world for centuries. It is known by many different names; Alban Elfed, Mabon, Poutūterangi, Ngahuru, Seed Time, Harvest. 
It is the time of year when the Sun travels north along the Celestial equator, bringing day and night into balance and signifying the true beginning of Autumn.

For our ancestors, this was a time for harvesting the years crop in preparation for the cold months ahead. But for us it's a time of transition from outer to inner, from light to dark.
A time for contemplation.

What are we feeling grateful for?

What lessons have we learnt so far?

What are we looking forward to?

Below are some ways that you can celebrate the end of Summer, and welcome in the energy and magic that this time of transition brings.

Watch the sunset, and sunrise the next morning

A beautiful way to say goodbye to Summer and welcome in Autumn is to watch the sun set on the evening of the Equinox, and rise again the following morning. Find a peaceful space and sit in silence as you watch the setting and rising of the sun. Be present in the moment and allow all your senses to tune in.

What colours are painted in the sky?

Can you see the stars?

Are the bugs and birds singing?

Can you smell the smoke of a nearby fire?

Do you feel the chill of the coming winter on the breeze, or is the last bit of warmth from Summer still lingering?

Reflect on all that you take in and share some words of gratitude (out loud or in your mind) for the past season, and for the coming one. This is a beautiful ritual that can be shared with your loved ones.


Take some time to turn inwards, get comfortable and grab your journal
Light a candle to signify the light within the dark.

Write down all that you are grateful for, the blessings that have come your way, and the lessons you've learnt. Take a look at where you are currently. How is your life progressing so far this year? 

Moving forward from this point, set your intentions for the rest of the year and as you blow out the candle release all that is not serving you.

Share a meal with your loved ones

As the Autumn Equinox is the time to harvest, sharing a feast with your nearest and dearest is a perfect way to celebrate the transition of seasons. 

Prepare a beautiful, nourishing meal with seasonal vegetables, sit down with your family and friends, and really enjoy the meal and spending time with your loved ones. Perhaps take a moment to reflect on your loved ones that are no longer here, and share your gratitude for those that are.


In ancient Celtic times, the Autumn Equinox was celebrated with a festival called Mabon. Mabon primarily focussed on the balance between light and dark, and a common ritual during this festive time was to light a bonfire in representation of Autumn, and it's beautifully, flame-coloured foliage. 

A Bonfire would perfectly align with Sharing a meal with your loved ones, and be a great end to a beautiful night.


As mentioned in our Cleansing your Crystals blog, Smudging or Smoke Clearing is a method to cleanse and purify your space, your crystals, your energy, everything, in preparation for something new. 

As we enter this transitional period, burn your favourite incense stick/cone, sage bundle, herbs or palo santo to purify yourself and your space, and allow the energy of Autumn to enter. During this time, you can also use this method to revitalise your energy when needed.

Check our History of Smoke Cleansing blog for more information on this beautiful ritual.


Gratitude is always a beautiful practice.
By intentionally focusing on what we are grateful for, we are shifting our attention away from worries, anxieties and all the things that no longer serve us, and allowing ourselves to consciously acknowledge and appreciate all the blessings in our lives. Autumn is a great time for this, as it is the period of transition and the time for contemplation. Share your gratitude for your loved ones, write it down in your journal, however you may want to express gratitude, do it!

These rituals are all so beautifully in alignment with Autumn and the Equinox, but can be utilised all throughout the year whenever you feel drawn to it, or are in a period of transition. Just like the seasons, life is cyclical, so embrace and celebrate change in whatever way feels right to you! 

“When we accept the temporary nature of everything in our lives, we can feel gratitude for the good fortune of getting to borrow them for a time.”

― Jay Shetty, Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day

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With Love, Gratitude and so much Magic,
The Yoga & Oils Team


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