Welcome to the beautiful energy of Taurus

21st April - 20th May

When you fall under this astrological sign you are incredibly grounded and have a strong sense of who you are.
This sign is truly the embodiment of stability and dependability, like the sturdiest tree in the forest. When chaos reigns supreme, you will find a Taurus acting as the oasis of calm in the storm.
Like their celestial spirit animal a Taurus can be stubborn and bull-headed, but are also some of the most gentle, loving, peaceful souls you will ever meet. 

~ Modality ~
Taurus is a fixed sign, meaning Tauruses truly embody the season of their birth, Autumn. As the name suggests, a fixed sign is remedial, persistent, stubborn and determined. They are the doers and go-getters of the Zodiacs. With all their ideas and visions, Tauruses always strive to achieve and attain whatever it is they want.

~ Symbol ~
The Bull.
The Bull symbolises strength, stability, confidence, power, level-headedness and determination.

~ Element ~
Taurus' element is Earth which is very fitting for this sign. Having Earth as your element lends to your sense of grounded-ness, strength, stability and success. Earth element is rooted in feminine energy, so a Taurus may have an affinity for healing, animals and nature, and seem wise beyond their years.

~ Ruling Planet ~
Tauruses are born under the influence of Venus, the planet of love, beauty and harmony. Tauruses appreciate material pleasures, and love to lead a life of luxury. They are very sociable and are good at forming strong relationships, both romantic and otherwise, and possess a strong sense of empathy for those around them. 

~ Birthstone ~

~ Crystals ~
Emerald, Tiger's Eye, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite

~ Lucky Numbers ~
6 & 4

~ Personality traits ~
Reliable, Stable, Enduring, Patient, Easy-going, Generous, Persistent, Loyal, Determined

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