DoTERRA's tea tree essential oil is so pure & fabulous - With 12 times the power of a phenol, Australian Aborigines have used Tea Tree for centuries, crushing the leaves straight from the tree & inhaling the aroma for colds & illnesses. I however, have a massive ...
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I have another weird & wonderful confession....... yep another one! 🙄 Ever since I was a child I have had a snotty / congested nose, actually throughout my whole corporate career I would say atleast once a day someone on the other end of the phone would say 'oh you po...
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Lemon 🍋 is such an AMAZING & versatile essential oil! We literally have bottles of this scattered around our house (luckily it's the cheapest of all the essential oils DoTERRA sells 😉) See below for all the ways /reasons we love to use this:...
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