Ah this oil! I have so much love for it - Lavender reminds me of my Grandma & emotionally this oil gets me everytime! Much like a large majority of the other Top 10 oils, DoTERRA's Lavender essential oil has endless uses for general health & wellness, hence why glob...
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DoTERRA's tea tree essential oil is so pure & fabulous - With 12 times the power of a phenol, Australian Aborigines have used Tea Tree for centuries, crushing the leaves straight from the tree & inhaling the aroma for colds & illnesses. I however, have a massive ...
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Frankincense, the king of oils, the oil that was once regarded as more precious than gold, the oil with so many healing & emotional benefits that it would take a book, not a post to capture them all. Frank is my daily mood balancer, my go to oil, my when in doubt, get th...
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