~ What is the Heart Chakra ~ 

Also known as Anahata, the Heart Chakra is the fourth main energy centre in the body and is often thought of as the most important as it acts as the bridge between the upper and lower chakras and brings balance to our material and spiritual worlds.

The literal Sanskrit translation for Anahata is 'unstruck', as in 'a resonating sound without any two things striking'. This refers to the sacred, Divine sounds that come from the Anahata Chakra whilst in the most advanced states of meditation. The mystics, sages, saints and yogis of ancient times were said to have documented these sacred sounds.

As the name suggests, Anahata is located in the centre of our chests, right by your heart.

Body Areas: Heart, Lungs, Shoulders, Arms

Endocrine Gland: Thymus

~ Characteristics of Anahata ~

Elements: Anahata is ruled by the element of air. This element is associated with our sense of joy and emotional balance. Breathing in fresh air rejuvenates the body and gives a sense of balance and clarity.

Balanced Heart Chakra: Feels completely at ease, Doesn't rush into/out of relationships, Love, Happiness & Joy, Compassion, Unity

Overactive Chakra: Little/no control over emotions, your love has conditions, always giving and not receiving, fear not being liked/accepted, people-pleasing tendencies

Underactive Chakra: Negative in your thinking, feeling unloved/unworthy of love, struggling with trust issues, self-doubt, depression

Colour: Green, or Pink

Essentail Oils: Rose, Geranium, Melaleuca, Peppermint

Crystals: Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Prehnite, Rhodonite, Malachite, Jade

Mantra: Love radiates through every cell of my being, I am loved, I am love.

Symbol: The heart chakra symbol, has 12 beautiful lotus petals, each said to represent the 12 virtues of a pure heart ~ Love ~ Harmony ~ Empathy ~ Understanding ~ Purity ~ Clarity ~ Unity ~ Forgiveness ~ Kindness ~ Peace ~ Bliss

Join me in this meditation where we heal the Heart Chakra while calling on the energy of the goddess Green Tara.

~ Anahata Self-Care Rituals ~

YOGA: Yoga is one of my favourite ways to bring balance to the chakra system. To flow with each posture and to send your breath into the chakra centre is incredibly impactful and empowering.

For the heart chakra, here are some of my favourite postures to balance this energy centre:

  • Yin Fish

  • Circle of Joy

  • Extended Puppy pose

  • Cow Face / Eagle arms

  • Cat / Cow

  • Downward facing dog

MEDITATION: Meditation is a powerful practice for healing all of your chakras, but there’s something especially powerful when it comes to heart chakra healing. Meditating is simply the act of mindful breathing, of finding a quiet spot to be and to breathe and to arrive home, here, grounded, present, in this moment, connected to your heart space, your soul space.

I love to meditate in the morning because it allows you to get grounded, centered, and stable as you start your day. Use meditation to connect with your foundation and to breathe calm, strength, and peace into every cell of your body.

GRATITUDE: Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations for balancing the heart chakra and bringing epic joy into your life. Practice giving thanks with your hands over your heart space at the end of meditation or if you'd love to invite a gratitude practice into your life - start a journal, each day write 5 things you are grateful for...... and add a because. 

When you add a because, a reason for your gratitude, this brings more love, more thank, more expansion into the heart space.

Practice this daily for 3 weeks and watch more and more good come into your life.

AROMATHERAPY: Sense of smell and using pure plant based essential oils can be beautiful balance to your internal energy. Scent has the ability to both soothe and revitalise and the oils we love to use also flow deep into therapeutically healing the entire energetic being. For heart chakra healing, we love oils that will expand with joy in the heart space & also oils for love, compassion and heart protection such as peppermint, tea tree, rose, geranium or you could try our LOVE blend or ENERGY PROTECTION blend.

AFFIRMATIONS: The use of affirmations can be a powerful healing practice that supports your total well-being, and when used right can bring so much high vibe energy into your day. For heart chakra healing, focus on affirmations specifically dedicated to love, compassion, non-judgement, forgiveness, and self-love.

You can repeat your affirmations at anytime, as you wake up in the morning, in your journal, any time you need to re-ground and re-frame a moment of overwhelm, and during meditation (I love to use my mala and repeat the same affirmation 108 times as I flow through my meditation practice - this affirms your statement in every cell of your being). Here are some we love

  • I am a beacon of love & compassion

  • I lead with love

  • My heart is open, ready to receive and share

  • Everyday, I love myself a little more

  • I am love

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With so much love, happiness & healing
Renee xx


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